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IoT applications vary from detecting basic physical quantities, usage in Smart Homes to complex industrial applications. 


In most cases, the antennas for IoT applications must be inconspicuous or even invisibly integrated into the product or devices, in order not to affect the exterior design. This requires customized antenna solutions that are optimally adapted to the customer product and the respective product environment.



Antenna development is done by using modern simulation tools which enable precise modeling, evaluation and optimization of antennas. An accurate determination of fundamental antenna parameters such as input impedance, current and field distribution allows optimal design of the antenna geometry.

 The antenna may be implemented as a separate component within a housing or be integrated on a circuit board together with other components. In the second solution, which is space-saving and cost-effective, the entire circuit board has to be considered in the simulation. This is due to the fact that the circuit board becomes part of the antenna.


Moreover, not only the antenna geometry and the immediate surroundings of the antenna are responsible for the radiation quality. The IoT product itself and even the user of the product can strongly affect the resulting radiation pattern and other characteristics of the antenna. In order to take these effects into consideration, the whole IoT product must be included in the antenna simulations.


Using our experience and unique know-how in the field of antenna development, coupled with the use of the modern technology and simulation tools, we deliver exclusive antenna solutions for your IoT business!!!

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